My Little Big Math Book

It all started about a year ago with a message saying something like that:

“Hi Lidia, I am a mathematician who is writing a book in which I explain how very small children come into contact with concepts in higher mathematics…”

Woooooow…, it sounded more than exciting, so I had no doubt I am interested! You know it is one of those things you are not sure you are able to do, actually is quite frightened… but you want to give it a try anyway. So we started talking about it, and I started sketching…


 Lars is a Swedish mathematician, the founder of Anchor Modeling and expert in all kinds of business mathematics I can hardly even spell, so let me use his words about the birth of the book: “The mathematical journey of the child starts early, maybe already in the tummy …. That is how the first sentence of the first scenario reads in “My Little Big Math Book”. This book does not only describe the mathematical journey of a child learning to count and understand number systems, but it also the peak of my long journey to publish my own findings from over the last twenty years.


“A long time ago, when I was close to finishing my degree at the University, I had a revelation. There were some simple mathematical concepts that I felt that had I grasped them earlier, my studies would definitely had been easier. So, I set about trying to explain these concepts in a way that could be understood by a high school student, aiming to produce a book that could be digested before University studies. I realized I had to start from the very beginning… ” Read more about the birth of the book and Lars here:önnbäck


So I was sketching and reading and thinking and did some more sketching… it took 4 sketchbooks and nearly a year to give birth to this book and I really enjoyed the process. It is not a classic story book. It is rather for people who would like to understand and help their kids understanding the mathematical concepts which are there in our everyday life.


As a parent myself I enjoyed reading how basis for set theory or the foundations of arithmetic are there in exploring the world and playing from very early childhood. I also recommend the book for those students who are willing to study Mathematics at uni, to help them understanding how these mathematical concepts connect with each other. And to all those who simply love thinking, thinking about the things of life, trying to capture a sort of bigger view.


If you are interested, the book is available in English, and soon in Swedish at You can choose paperback  or hardcover.


I loved working on this book. I feel privileged by being asked to illustrate it and I am happy to have the possibility to work with Lars. So, if you were wondering why do I love my work… That book is my answer. 😉 I recommend it with lots of love. xxx


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